Went to Willow Brook Mall in Wayne NJ to exchange Pillow.

Oakland, New Jersey 1 comment

went to Willow Brook Mall in Wayne NJ to exchange a llow that my son did not like too small. Kay was

at the machine and just ingmored me at first. She then said give me your Macy 's card in such a rude

way she would not evern look at me. Why are you bring this back, told her to small for my son needs

bigger and larger. In a nasty way did he sleep on this ? No he doesn't like the size one more time.

I said no in a very back at her way so she tried to justtify her tone. If her selpt on it I would have to put

it in a different pile. Again I said no , it is not the questioning I mind I mind her tone and she should

too. You have good customer service people and you have bad Kay is just plain bad.



Not everybody's voice and attitude is going to please everybody.There is a possibility she wasn't feeling real well.

Apparently she si doing her job well enough and hasn't had enough customer complaints, that she keeps the job.As long as you completed the transaction, you should be satisfied.

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